Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was AH-MAH-ZING! Got a bunch of clothes and went mega shopping. And i got the leather jacket i had waited almost a month for from Macy's but the wait was worth it because i found an even cuter one!!

Ok so this is the first awesome purse (above) that i thought was sooooo adorable. It is a coin purse available on forever21.com. Not too pricy and not too over-blinged but still precious. The knew girly chic look is pretty popular. Laces and Leather are the knew forever look!!!

Tiered Ruffle Felt Bag

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Fave....

Favorite Chocolate: Toblerone Bar

Favorite Clothing Store: Betsey Johnson

Favorite Furniture Store: PBTeen

Favorite Blog: The Glamourai

Favorite Hobbie: Shopping with friends

Favorite nicknack store: Newbury Comics

Favorite song: Shake It Like A PomPom by Missy Elliot

Favorite smoothie shop: Berry Line

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Trend: Neon Nail Polish

    There is only one thing better than a bar of chocolate. A tube of strawberry lip gloss. Not only can u lick it off your lips and taste the sweetness (a horrible habit) but you the pinkish red color looks fabulous on anyone! Speaking of licking off your lips... there is this new product at Lush called the lip scrub. Simply apply to ur lips to exfoliate and when you're finished you can lick it off. Yumm :) Fashion On The Street
  • Lots of nerd glasses are showing up everywhere! Is that the knew thing or something? I love it!I am buying a pair soon. You can never have enough sunnies!!
  • Scarfs. Loopy, Silky, Swirly. Whatever outfit you may be trying to work it can always be completed with a scarf. I usually buy a few scarfs for winter and fall for the occasional stylish outfit. Sometimes you just need to be sophisticated. A scarf can usually make an outfit sophisticated and mature.
  • Long layered necklaces. Usually 3 or for at different lengths do well for a cute little outfit. Chain necklaces can add layering and those precious jewels that every girl loves.
    If there is one thing I absolutely love it is nail polish. My favorite colors are red, turquoise and purple. Sometimes I will just randomly pick colors for my nails and end up loving the way it clashes (or matches) with a certain outfit. If I have learned anything in life, it is to mix and match until you find the perfect combination.

Trend: The Pixie Cut

For those of you who have seen Emma Watson's new pixie cut, well lets just say Hermoine has left Hogwarts. I find her new look and attitude to be a way of saying Hermoine's gone, there's a new girl in town. With her new college life and new movies and television shows coming out, her career is really taking off. Not to mansion her sense of style. It went from innocence to fashion forward. I think her new look is hot and perfect for a new tranformation.

Speaking of transformation.... The new year is just around the corner and it is time to turn your look around.
  • The rocker chic look is overly dead, as some may have noticed. Try working a school spirit theme for a month or two wearing school jerseys, Nike's and oversize sweaters. It is the chill season and that means working a comfortable chic outfit.
  • Another look that is tranforming is the urban fashionista look. Try layering outfits, lots of jewelry and nude, blacks and tans to balance out popping outfits.
  • A new haircut might be just what you need to lift up your spirits in the cold season. Sharp cut bangs and razor edge hair is the new messy bun. High pony tails can be let out without worrying about frizz mania.
  • Try using some delicious body products that will make you feel all warm and sweet inside. Try cinnamon, vanilla and apple scents. They all are spicy and sweet, the basic scents of winter seasons.
  • Make-up is highly overrated. MYTH!!!! Just because you can't wear thick neon eyeshadow and deep red lipstick doesn't mean you can't wear some mineral powder to lighten up your glow or a little bit of pale eye shadow to highlight your eye color. Try wearing peach lip-gloss, not too much color but a nice glow with an actual tone (not clear lip gloss which can bore us to death)


My First Blog Entry!!! Trend: Leather Jackets

Yes, so the leather jacket is now the hottest accessory and as I ran around downtown Boston looking for one I couldn't help but notice that tweed jackets were also popular too. Personally I have grown to dislike tweed jackets because they get so dirty so easily and are dreadful to clean. I found an awesome jacket and I am planning to buy it around thanksgiving. Pictures as soon as I buy it.
I am going shopping today and plan on buying some sweaters and long sleeve shirts. As much as I love to rock a tank top, weather temperatures are dropping and it is time to buy some weather appropriate clothes.

Beauty: Winter means time to ditch the lemon scrubs and citrus perfumes for more soft comfortable scents. Vanilla is the most best scent for winter products. Trade in your mint lip gloss for lip balms and healing balms. Nothing is less appealing then chapped lips. Moisturize at least 3 times a day. More for parts of the body exposed to the harsh weathers. Try cocoa butter, or thicker moisturizers like Euphorin.

Trends: Floral Jeans, Leather Jackets, Off the shoulder sweater, Black, Collaging, DIY's, Reading blogs, the hobo bag, jeweled headbands